monochrome manipulations.

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  • All I am is the bones you made for me
    just driftwood for the sea
    that carry me away
    no darkness that I fear

    (by Ben Howard)
  • The ghost inside my head, it never sleeps
    It just rearranges thoughts and leaves me numb for weeks
    But I'm okay, yeah I feel fine
    Because I know there's more than one way to lose my mind

    (by Radical Face)
  • No walls can keep me protected
    No sleep
    Nothing in between me and the rain
    And you can't save me now
    I'm in the grip of a hurricane
    I'm gonna blow myself away

    (by Florence and the Machine)
  • And I have lost your face
    It slips between my fingers now
    And all the world is gray
    As though you took the colors with you
    When you went and passed away

    (by Radical Face)

  • the ghosts that we knew will flicker from you
    And we’ll live a long life
    So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light

    (by Mumford and Sons)
  • You can try to find the star that made you
    you can try to find that speck of light in your eye
    you can look into and see the eye that made you
    the light that made you
    but you might aswell make yourself at home balance at home
    put both feet in the thin line of light
    and look into the eye that made you
    tell her you see her
    balance her in between your eyes

    (by Nicolas Jaar)