• Mock ups for corporate,lifestyle+hospitality, CSR mircosites and non-corporate websites
  • Thought process is the most important when it comes to pitches, of how ideas,styling and art direction come together. Whether it gets onto the world wide web or not, it does not really matter.
    Below are two sets of mock ups for a tropical island resort.Right after that are two other versions of mock up for a local CSR microsite.
  • Tuna bay Resort

    Version one
    Textures ,customised icons and vintage art direction

  • Version two
    b/w hand drawn illustrations,customised hand drawn icons
    A lot of fun, interactivity, functionality throughout the pages

  •  Sime Darby CSR microsite

    Version one
    The basic  960 grid site design with bright bold colours, customised  vector icons
    with flash based or html 5 interactivity in one or two pages
  • Version two
    The basic 960 grid site design with bright bold colours and customised vector icons
    with a nice flash header and a beige textured background

  • luxury hotel websites
  • contemporary furniture website