• m!kelinnik
    For a few years I presented myself as two forms of creative - a designer and photographer. I urged to use my own photography in my design work whenever appropriate through my school work flow. Thus m!kelinnik is my branding representation of myself and the unison of everything I love to do as a creative. I am it, and it is me. I created a logo which functioned as a brand mark and a watermark on photographs. Stemming from that unity came my portfolio book, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, stamp, and a responsive website built using the Unsemantic CSS Framework.

    I love photography and design, I pursue them passionately and constantly learn. I photograph everything I can - portraiture, products, nature and wildlife, street, events, and experimental stop motion. I design both print and digital media, and I am constantly advancing my graphic design skills and the types of design I craft. I see inspiration in technological, scientific, and social media advancements. Which is why I explore them.