low rider custom making of : Adrénaline powered

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  • Low rider custom
    Adrenaline powered
  • Amazing what you can imagine starting from other people’s drawings.Especially when these are rough sketches, quickly generated by hand and mostly disgraceful! I often have a blast commenting on other people’s drawings or even using them to generate my artwork.
    This is the case! My friend Alexandre Meyer, a crazy hyper-talented designer (http://fr.linkedin.com/pub/alexandre-meyer/5/409/551) was not very motivated to go on with his first rough, which I believed a high potential one. After an everlasting discussion, I suggested that I could give him my vision and my interpretation of his drawing. I think that in the end he was fully convinced by the result!

    I have spontaneously recognised a powerful low rider in his sketch. An incredible machine from outer space, propelled by pure adrenaline –that’s where its name C9H13NO3, the adrenaline molecule formula, come from – to procure incredible driving sensations to its pilot. The silhouette is voluntarily caricatured and exclusive: microscopical wind shield, minimalistic ground clearance, extremely big wheels and a brand new generation power engine under the hood. A vehicle which is futuristic by its function but with a retro look recalling cars of the 60s. While driving, this vehicle could even produce a particular sound, like a hoarse hissing. Not everybody is empowered to drive it, due to its incredibly powerful
    acceleration. But, of course, it’s just my imagination….
    see the other tutorials here : http://www.behance.net/gamiette