lomo snomos in black and white

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  • Doodlings at Photocrafts@Sunway Pyramid

    Photocrafts is a lomography shop which sells most lomo cameras and lomo related
    products.They have three branches,this is just one of them. To find out more, please visit their site
  • All these doodles are done, there will be also a time lapse video being shot as  I doodle throughout the sessions.These were drawn at Photocrafts, Sunway Pyramid. For the other two branches(KD and CM) there will also be doodles...just that they will be two separate ideas, to differentiate each branch from one another. The doodles are all drawn, freehand with Black Sharpies and Artline Permanant Markers.
  • Preliminary sketch for the long vertical areas
  • Preliminary sketch for the cabinets
  • Preliminary sketch for a portion of the cabinets
  • Preliminary sketch for the long vertical areas,the sides and corners