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  • NG real estate and development | 2010
  • Kamous el Thawra | 2012

    The Dictionary of the revolution is a project that aims to document scenes, characters, phrases and art related to the Egyptian revolution in an interactive wiki.

    project through arabdigitalexpression.org
  • El Qahira | 2008
    Billingual logo for Cairo
  • Upside Down Camp | 2012

    A series of Sports camps for different age groups during the summer of 2012.
    A poster series and flyers were also designed to market the camps.
  • Wasila | 2011

    Wasila is a recruitment NGO that aims to link Egyptian workers and craftsmen to potential jobs that could be out of their reach.


  • Life Vision NGO | 2009

    Life Vision is an Egyptian social aid organization.
  • Kandil Consult | 2012

    The freelance consultant Azza Kandil provides advising services for businesses and companies.
    The logo was inspired from the Arabic word Kandil, which translates into oil lamp or lamp.
  • Tika's | 2012

    Tika's is a ficitonal Watermelon soft drink.


  • Shahira & Karima Emblem | 2009

    Proposal for the couple's logo, inspired from Arabic calligraphy.

  • Menn Baladha | 2012

    Menn Baladha is a start-up design consultancy that aims to elevate the quality and perception of Egyptian Craftsmanship through a structured design-based approach.


  • Capozide | 2012

    Medicine for treating Hypertension