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A client piece of work for
Client work for Frank Egan of
littlefire code is a logo for Frank Egan for his personal site. The name littlefirecode comes from a translation of his surname which means "little fire" and he added "code" as he is a programmer and developer.

We had an interesting journey with this project starting with logos that evolved into character design for some time and back to a nice crisp clean logo. Frank was really involved in the development of the design. He had a passion for what colours and fonts he wanted to use and how the overall design should be. Had such good fun working on this project and quite sad that its over.

We at The Rusted Pixel would like to wish Frank the very best of luck with his venture.
Some early sketches
Condsidered using HTML code in the logo.
An early design for a character called "little fire"
Early character design. Tried a childlike design but didnt really suit the business.
A second colour pallet of the character "little fire".
Another idea of having the name littlefirecode fill the outter flame. The idea was to resemeble binary code. Tried that idea
too but didnt work.
The final design in black and white for a website footer or any other instance where colour is not possible.
Final logo in retro colours.
Final colours the client decided upon.
Design for business card in white
Design for darker business card.