lemon cube squeezer

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  • "Lemon Cube" squeezer
    Group project for Studio V (DPSDE) by Koukia Effie, Settou Elena, Nasrawi Edward, Michou Vasilis
    Remodeling done during the years 2012-2013
    Lemon cube is a kitchen utensil that enhances the process of lemon squeezing. A quarter of lemon can easily be squeezed at once. It provides space for storing the lemon juice and the half of a lemon. The squeeze can be achieved by using only one hand, while its small size fits in a range of hands. Serving lemon juice during the meal and using it as tableware, were parameters that were taken into account, in order to be designed in a high sense of aesthetics. The design process included also functional and appearance models, that changed a series of elements in the final design.
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