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T-shirts that i made for our brand lega-lega.
T-shirts that I made for the brand Lega-lega.

Lega-lega was created rather casually, as a result of mental excercises and brainstorming in Osijek-based design studio Mit. We figured out that we wanted to have products that would solve some of our problems too. We were aware that there are many products somewhat similar to our ideas, but seriously lacking creativity and fun. Although technology has made possible not to have to use pen and paper, there's something cool about ink or graphite on paper. These reasons ispired us, and drove us to create a product that will praise and encourage writing, drawing or doodling and with time become a part of you beacause you will imbue it with a part of yourself. 

Lega-lega is made especially for you - whether you are outrageously creative person who sees inspiration in everything around you or you just like to write down something from time to time. Every time you write or draw, mark some impression or idea, it leaves a mark of your mood which becomes a small document revealing your character and reminding you of a time, place and the way it was created. Your each move shows human warmth and uniqueness.The more you use it, lega-lega becomes a part of you since you put a part of yourself in it. Besides quality and aesthetics lega-lega wants to give you creative freedom, a place for your thoughts, imagination and emotions, and support urban culture in all its forms.