• learn.mbusa.com
    Website: delayed
  • Roles: Information architecture, visual design
  • Site map: The original site map became too unwieldy and extended across several pages. Taking a cue from the design gurus at Big Spaceship, I reworked the site map so that the information could be presented in a less overwhelming way. We were still able to track the content by using page types and a color-coded key which gave the map a sense of hierarchy. 

    During the re-work process, I was able to find redundancies and consolidated some information even further. A nicely designed site map is a huge confidence booster as it helps everyone take a huge leap in understanding the content we're dealing with, without getting overwhelmed. All of a sudden, the site that seemed daunting and monstrous became friendly and approachable. Bingo. 
  • The landing page of the Vehicle Showroom displaying all current models
  • Product landing page
    Each vehicle had its own microsite with development resources pertaining to the product: in-dealership training, e-learning, mobile learning and printed materials. Users are also able to launch video and photo galleries, as well as view a 360 of the vehicle from the banner.
  • Product landing page (if no 360 view available)
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery
  • The landing page of the Vehicle Showroom Archive displaying all previous models.
  • All previous models are revealed on hover.