le project du cirque

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  • Le Project du Cirque
    travellers - part one
  • Le Project du Cirque, is a big wall-sized collage work madeon location for de similar named exhibition in Eindhoven, the Netherlandsduring the Dutch Design Week 2010.

    De collage is built up in layers, with different distance from the wall, thisway creating a 3dimensional effect. Prints of different object & organismsare combined with paper cuttings of different colored paper applied with a handdrawn pattern in gold. The pink fluorescent eyes where connected to a smallmotor allowing them to turn hypnotizing around and around.

    The idea for the collage grew out of a poetic research of explorer’s and theirjourneys. How did they experience the world, in a time when so little was know,and every thing was a new discovery? In my work I try to capture a weird,crazy, exotic feeling in an encounter with the observer.