kósm.ici monograph
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Kósm.ici is my final project at design school. Starting mainly from the works of Marshall Mcluhan,Vilém Flusser and Pierre Lévy, I studied the role of media and its contexts, building the starting point for kósm.ici project: an app that has the objective to collaboratively guide the user through digital media. Kósm.ici aims to integrate users and build collective knowledge through collaborative indexing systems (folksonomy), real time discussions and content sharing.
This is the book I made to explain the concept and design of kósm.ici. It explores Mcluhan’s idea
of how society faces mass media as entertainment only, losing their potential in education. It is clear
that learning happens not only where a rigid and centralized system exists, but everywhere. And recognizing educational failures in our system means facilitating and adapting the concept of learning
in ways that are more compatible with our culture, which works in a multiple, fast, interconnected and interactive rhythm.
Thinking about it, the name of the app was mainly based on Mcluhan’s idea of how a new media creates a new galaxy: ”kósm” comes from “kosmos”, the greek word that stands for “organizing”, a clear reference to the interconnected society we live in. “Ici” comes from French word for “here”, which is a reference to the popular Mcluhan’s idea of the global village and also for Pierre Lévy’s idea that the digital media seems to announce not a completely new relation with communication but a return to tribal orality.
To see some of the app screens, click here.
Full text here.