Карьеру мне, карьеру!

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  • HeadHunter.ru
    The well-known website changes its priorities
  • Issue: Everyone knows hh.ru as a  famous website with vacancies. But not everyone knows it helps you to build your career and develop.

    Media: Bigboards on roofs so we suggest very simple solutions only. Easy to read. Easy to get.

    Idea: We playfully transform some famous russian idioms to encourage people to build carrer with HH.ru.
  • misprint: "не" -> "ни"
  • Credits:
    Saatchi&Saatchi Russia
    CD: Stuart Robinson
    CW: Tanya Moseeva, Pavel Andreev
    AD: Sasha Bazhenov
    Account team: Lena Khitschenko, Lena Srzentic, Mila Novozhilova
    Design: Mark Ignatiev