jQuery UK / Conference Illustrations

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  • jQuery UK 2012
    Illustrations for conference hosted by White October

     Oxford skyline & Oxford icons for use in the general design (website, programme, freebies)
    and a couple of hand-drawn illustrations for use in the White October banners.

    The idea was to come up with an alternative view on Oxford, which resulted in the animated icons of famous people, things and oddities related to the area. The icons are animated with a few frames in a simple loop and start moving during the navigation of the conference website.

    Photos: @MarianaMota (with many thanks!)
    Web-, Editorial- & Graphicdesign for jQuery Conference: White October

  •  White October Conference Banner Illustrations
    The illustrations for the White October banners are hand-drawn and digitally coloured,
    while the idea was to focus on the joy to play, sketch and collaborate.