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Brand process for illustr8ed creative studio
illustr8ed Creatives Studio
It took a while to come up with something that I personally was happy with. As a designer or creative person you are your own worst client... Ha! I said that like it was in the Bible, right?... Alright, I'll speak for myself. Even though I see some room for modification and/ or improvements, I'm kinda happy for now. 
Logo conceptualization phase
Visual identity example.
Font type used. Fantastic font I tell ya.
Stationery and other necessary things. Like the designer and/ or developer 2am energy drink sippy cup.
Sample work or illustration

Not yet complete in terms of content but the layout and design of the website will pretty much be this.
Unless that CFH kinda mentlity kicks in again then I might modify it.
Update: I've finally added a recording of my logo design process like I've been meaning to
We can be Twitter buddies if you like :-)