if you please, take me a picture

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  • “if you please, take me a picture” ck chiwai cheang simple photography exhibition
    yunyi / exhibition design (poster) / book design (zine) / Nov 2012
    date 2012 10.31 ~ 11.10(10 : 00 ~ 19 : 00)
    location  “the rui cunha foundation gallery” avenida da praia grande, n 759, r/c, macau sar
    Without a doubt, all photography should come from daily life. Sometimes I simply cannot understand why photography must be accompanied with such complicated combinations of technique, posing, hidden meanings and “artistic” subtexts. A picture is merely a beauty of coincidence, a simple moment captured with the simplest of equipment.
    The perfect moments can be captured really by anyone at all – you just have to know where and how to look. I’m just lucky to have found mine. I use only a simple cell phone and a film camera to uncover the energy, the youthfulness, and the hustle and the bustle of the city in which I live. Although photos last forever, memories do not, and although you may not able to repeat the best moments in your life, you can always capture them with the smallest of everyday tools.
    Just simple stories of everyday life - fleeting and momentary, elusive and intuitive – captured for eternity.