idealog cardboard cover shoot

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  • It was a pretty cool day when the idealog team asked me to help design, build and setup a cardboard cover shoot for their Nov/Dec issue. The magazine was going to include the NZ Innovator Awards and an extensive piece on exporting goods to China so we needed to do something innovative and around the idea of taking ideas to the world...
    After a good brainstorming session with Aimee (a wicked art director) I was basically given the nod to get to work and cut lots of cool things out of cardboard, it was awesome!
    The large head with all the landmarks was made from E Flute and cut with an Esko cutter slooooowly... as for the clouds and baloons, I simply cut & creased these by hand on some nice 350gsm stock. We used the Esko again for the letters, these were made 3D by layering one on top of each other - B Flute. 
    The shoot took us around 5 hours and had many important elements, such as: patience, masking tape, fishing wire, biscuits, knot tying, beer, standing on tippy toes, laughing, climbing, wobbling, shaking, nodding, and of course, a whole heap of photography gear. 
    The cheeky devils then decided to put me in the piece and slap me on the cover too -  ha, stoked! My mum is going to be so proud...
    Art Director - Aimee Carruthers
    Editor, idealog - Hazel Phillips
    Photographer - Bryce Carleton
  • Aimee & I pointing & things...