Belm Designs, known for it’s cutting-edge design was asked to participate in a design contest featuring future products from some of today’s tech-giants. After reading the design brief we were totally up to the challenge.
    The industry buzz right now is a wearable smart device that’s capable of entertainment, communication and utilitarian tasks.  We went right to work on what we thought might be a note worthy design that came straight from a tech giant’s own design team.
    We toyed with different shapes and even based a few on current offerings on the market today. We found that when it comes to a watch or in this case a “Smart Watch”, a traditional circular shape was most favorable. Most people are quite comfortable with the shape and it still exudes class and style.
    To keep things simple, the watchband was created from a stretchable rubber-nylon mix with micro perforations for maximum breathability yet strong and lightweight. The traditional clasp was replaced in lieu of a “Mag-Twist Lock” type clasp for easy removal.
    The watch is constructed with a uni-body design. The body is pressed from a single titanium disk into shape and CNC milled to perfection. The face of the device is powered by a circular touchscreen with retina display to handle all your HD viewing needs. The device is also equipped with 4G and blue tooth communication and powered by a dual core microprocessor for multitasking operations. Product finishing is complete with chamfered edge treatments and a mix of titanium and chrome accents.