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  • iProTongShu 2011
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  • For centuries, the Chinese Almanac, or Tong Shu, has been consulted for suitable dates for all occasions to forecast the individual's luck for the day, and to assist in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrological calculations.

    Even today, it is used to advice on selection of appropriate days for almost every important activity, from tying the knot, from launching of a new product to opening a new office, and from renovations to moving houses. Now the entire professional Tong Shu for the year of 2011 have been meticulously translated and fitted into an iPhone application for your convenience!

    It's compact and portable, handy for use at any place and time. Saves you time from the rifling through various stacks of reference books to find a specific piece of information. It gives you an early head start and lets you plan ahead for the year of 2011 with just a few taps on your iPhone!