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iPod shuffle2020 - Concept design
iPod Shuffle2020
Concept design
The concept and brand criteria is based on:
- Unlimited music and battery capacity
- Lightweight
- Simple device (no need of earphones,docks, chargers or cables)
- Intuitive
- Sophisticated
The user’s music in his iTunes account will be sentthrough G3 Internet to the iPod Shuffle2020 inner receptor. The iPodShuffle2020 will be automatically updated everytime the user turns it on, itwill always be in sync with all the music the user has in his computer, nomatter how many GBs… The battery will also automatically react to the G3 wavesand charge itself. That way the iPod will never get a low battery as long as itis in use.
iPod Shuffle2020 works with HyperSoundSystemtechnology (
Directed ultrasound waves that travel straight to theinner ear (the device calculates the distance to both ears). The user will hearhis music without any earphones (HyperSoundSystem can only be heard by the onewho stands right in front of the directed ultrasound wave).
The iPod Shuffle2020 has a microphone that receivesthe exterior sound/noises and eliminates them with destructive interference. Theuser only hears his music, not what surrounds him. If he also needs to heareverything else besides the music, he can set the microphone to partiallyeliminate the surrounding sound or he can pause the device.
As other Apple products, the iPod Shuffle2020 is veryintuitive thanks to MultiTouch tecnology:
- To turn onand play, the user has to push the Power button once
- To play thenext song, he has to push and hold the Power button
- To go back:push twice
- To pause orturn off push once again
- To turn thevolume up or down: slide the finger up or down the TouchPad
- To hold,press down the Hold button

iPod Shuffle2020 talks to the user and tells him/herthe song and artist he/she is listening to with Apple’s VoiceOver technology.