iPad stand and cleaning utility

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  • iPad stand and cleaning utility
  • The cleaning unit fits inside the iPad stand which makes it easy to connect the two parts, store it in a bag and bring on the go.
  • The stand has a cut out groove that connects with a groove in the cleaning unit which keeps it in place. The cleaning unit both acts as support for the iPad and the stand. 
  • The cleaning unit contains a spray and a microfiber cloth. The cloth is rolled together and stored inside of the tube together with the spray. A elegant coloured rubber band comes with the stand to strap around the cleaning unit and stand to ensure it stays in place.
  • The acryl stands are simple in their expression which holds the cleaning devices. These stands are seen as a stationary units which can be placed on the kitchen counter or desk to quickly mount the iPad into. The stands maintain their simple and elegant expression even though the iPad is removed and it will then simply function as a holder for the cleaning devices.
  • www.dngroup.dk