iPad Retina Ready (HD) User Interface Kit

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  • I've designed a kit of User Interface elements to save the honest UI designer some time and effort.  Retina ready UI components of all shapes and sizes (as you can see below). Vector shapes, editable layers styles, tidy folder structure.. it's all there.  Take a look at the kit below.
  • Description
    Professionally designed User Interface Elements for use with HD / Retina Tablets and Smartphones (i.e. ipads and iphones).

    Careful attention to detail, pixel-perfect adjustments, shape-layers and style-layers, packed in clearly labelled groups = professional delivery.

    High-resolution graphics means you get standard design resolution (exporting at 50%) or high-definition quality. Futureproof your future projects.

    The File 
    1x PSD File (2048px x 5500px): Enormous PSD CS5 file, zipped into 25MB from 105MB.
    Scalable Vectors & Shape Layers: All elements are scalable vector shape layers so resizing is a cinch.
    Easily Modifiable Layer Styles: Switch on or off the layer styles according to your preference.
    Clearly Grouped & Labelled PSD Layers: Neat and Tidy, Tidy and Neat