human library gdańsk 2010: identity, infographics, www

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  • human library gdańsk 2010
    identity, evaluation brochure, infographics
  • Human Library is "an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding". Simply put, it enables the visitors to "loan" people who belong to stereotyped groups (muslim, gay, homeless, ex-right wing extremist, atheist, etc.)

    Human Library Gdańsk is one of Polish installments of this international project.

    We've done:
    - identity based on typography,
    - evaluation brochure with infographics,
    - evaluation webpage.

    time: 2010
    type: pro bono
    status: implemented
  • evaluation brochure page by page
  • typography and infographics details
  • whole pages screenshots
  • webpage design details