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Kiev, Ukraine 2010
I did this photo story, after my volunteering at the Kiev hippodrome; for me this place will always stay "Horse Latitude" it is literally thrown overboard.

"Horse Latitudes" is the name of southern places in the world's oceans were a lot of horses died during ship voyages. The ships were becalmed and stayed there for a long time without enough water for the horses. The dead animals were thrown overboard into the ocean.

The distressing situation has become a norm for the Kiev racecourse. The lack of water and electricity is not a surprise for anyone there. The need for financial support has been ignored by government officials and the numerous media reports regarding this matter have become only a reason for misinterpretations.
Built in 60 th, the racecourse and its buildings have never been renovated. As a result the old equipment has fallen apart and the appropriate standards of horses accommodation are not maintained.