• hitmo
    hittin' the web
  • Hitmo is a team of creative people who believe that some things can be done differently, more interestingly and better. In the last few years we’ve worked for many renowned Polish interactive agencies and have been involved in various projects for brands all over the world..
    During this time we had the opportunity to learn a lot, meet wonderful people and visit some interesting places. A time came to use the acquired knowledge and expertise by creating a new brand – hitmo

  • Versatile and courageous, equipped with extremely powerful HTML5. His infallible CSS3 brings the opponent to the ground in a split second, and he strikes more demanding opponents with astonishing JavaScript techniques. He’s been exploring the arcane art of CMS, which he studied while developing proprietary solutions and ideas. Underneath the mask of a ruthless warrior, there is a more subtle side to him. With a group of his trusted companions, he indulges himself in his second passion - music.
  • A truly talented wizard of visual arts, an apprentice of the great master Adobe, under whose guidance he received the highest degree of initiation. He specializes in the creation of unearthly websites inducing a hypnotic effect.
    He skillfully casts spells on simple shapes, transforming them into beautiful logotypes.
    Greedy for compliments, he likes to entertain onlookers with his special effects while still maintaining the usability principle.
    He spends his spare moments working on a magic potion to increase the skills of Polish footballers…