• a first time developer entered our offices a while back and said: "i just bought six buildings in brooklyn, what should i do with them?" our answer was, after having carefully studied the demographic information for the building and the surrounding areas, "why not take advantage of the social network movement that is sweeping the world?" the entire planet it seems is in front of the computers, logging in to make new friends. but what was the original social network? that's right, neighbors.

    together with aguayo & heubener, the property's exclusive marketing and sales agent, we set on creating a community, a place where one would easily share a cup of sugar and more. with each amenity belonging to one building or another, one has to travel next door or across the street in order to engage in the various activities offered. and when time came to choose a name for this community, it rolled off the tongue as the first thing we say when we meet new people: hello.since this property was directly offered to people who most likely were already involved in  the online social network scene, we focused our marketing efforts where we knew they would find us. each building got its own mySpace page:


    each with their particular likes, dislikes and centered around the amenity featured within.we also wanted to peel away the curtain to unveil the process behind the creation of such a project by making some really short films:


    and giving it a flickr stream documenting the journey: