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Innovative packaging design for the iconic Heinz ketchup.
Heinz 'squeezy' bottle
Innovative packaging design for the iconic Heinz ketchup
The aim of this project was to bring innovation for Heinz’s famous ketchup while helping to reduce the company’s environmental impact. My research clearly showed: the iconic glass design is still the most popular, despite its imperfections (it’s difficult to control the amount squeezed out of the bottle).

Squeezy bottle has two parts: a jar-sized glass bottle and a reusable silicon neck, screwed together. The old shape is kept and the silicon neck (which consumers only need to buy once) allows the exact portioning of the ketchup. The jar being smaller, more of it fits in a case and thus reduces the company’s CO 2-emission. 
The design also reduces the amount of glass used and the damage factor at transportation (since thinner glass at neck in original design causes most damage).