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Kiev, Ukraine 2011

At night, they began to tear down the clutch interior,decor, stucco
and denude the walls. All this in order to expertise confirmed the need
for reconstruction. And although, this building could stand still for
decades, it been just blew up. 

 Hay market's ruins still located in the center of Ukraine capital for six
 years already. Build in 1958 in the heart of the Kiev, Hay market was
 architectural monument and represented the active place of trade.
 In 2005 building was closed for reconstruction, but instead of repairing
 it was illegally demolished.
 Land in the city center turned profitable for investors, here was planned
 construction commercial enterprise, but today no one knows who owns this a
 plot of land, and that it will be built.
 Generally Ukraine loses about 1,000 architectural monuments every year,
 repair and maintenance of such buildings is not funded, they transformed a
 private property, then destroyed and raze.