• grate
    cheesy goodness | fall 2007
  • Many different types of cheese-grating tools were tested with many different types of cheese. Box-graters accomodate various grating styles, but offer very poor ergonomics and usability, while hand-held graters offer good usability but with limited applications. This was the original insight that led to the final design.
  • The ideation phase included concepts ranging from collapsible box-graters to grater-spoons.
  • The initial concept was sketched out here, and later refined. The exploded drawing shows the different components and their proposed materials, which are all non-toxic, recyclable, and produced with efficient and minimal processes.
  • Grate can be used as a regular hand-held grater for light uses in the kitchen or at the table. It may also be propped up for more leverage and easier grating when prepping for seriously cheesy meals like pizza or mac n cheese. 
  • Final appearance model, hand-shaped/painted foam