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Project made for Museum of broken relationship in Zagreb, Croatia.
(project for Museum of Broken relationships, Zagreb)
Cotton handkerchifs are an item that is decreasingly present in todays society. Until recently, it was found in almost every pocket or sleeve. Handkerchifs have been given, specifically made with stitched messages or initials. Remembering Lotte and Werther who kept her handkerchief and smelled it for a long time after their brake-up, I decided to connect brake-up itself with a cotton handkerchief (as an item which is directly associated with the most common reaction after the brake-up - crying) in which one person stitches their initials, a symbol or a message and gives it as a gift to that other person as a memory of moments spent together. The idea starts from the premise that not all relationships end up with a feeling of hatred towards another person, and would certainly be nice to sometimes remember that perion of our lives. And, besides that, if it would not be this handkerchief, they would somewhere keep another item as a souvenir.
It’s not you.
It’s me.
I’m sorry.
Taking this typical way of verbal form of brake-up with the person who we are in relationship with, without any circumlocution everything stands in writing, so it preserves the left person from uncertainty and is also placed on a handkerchief - item which will best serve for the most frequent accompanying reaction. It suggests a new way of braking-up, with a special good-bye present, and besides that, the handkerchief, with a prior wash, can be used in a future love life of a left person.