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This is a collection of selected goatcards. A way for use to show our friends and family that we care on their special day.
for friends and family
goat likes making people happy. What better way to make people happy than to send them a personalised birthday card?
Ranging from static image to moving image and paper graphics to ice moulds, these ideas are an explosion of our mind to show those that we love how much we care.
This has become a great way for goat to experiment with different media, giving us a better understanding of how to solve one problem in many distinct ways. Getting our hands dirty with many nitty gritty non-screen based techniques it becomes a welcome break to clear the mind and focus on more physical design.
We have to admit that this work has been very rewarding for us, despite the many sleepless nights trying to finish the work before the actual birthday. It allows us to make a very personal and unique birthday message for our friends and family.
For the full collection of goatcards please visit our webpage