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brand re-launch of political & cause communication firm GMMB
using my superpowers for good
At 6:30AM the morning after the election, I got a call from a talent scout/headhunter (with whom I would trust my life and who shall remain nameless).  He lead with one of the best lines ever:  "How would you like to work for the guys who helped make that happen?"

I had never heard of GMMB (or Greer, Margolis, Mitchell & Burns) and this is how they like it - they are the communication strategists behind the candidates & the left-leaning causes and organizations surrounding them.

I took on the job as SVP/Digital Director in April 2009, and in June garnered one of my favorite write-ups thus far (from Politico - it's the 'big rent' thing that tickles me so):

We launched this simple, warm & mobile-friendly site in the fall of that year.  Included on it was the crusty-but-sweet who-we-are video (included below).  I didn't do this video, but I love that, in a landscape that is as manicured & conservative as federal elections, the GMMB leadership was willing to show a little soul.