Generative Systems

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  • Best of Seven Basketball System
  • Project Requirements:

    A system with it's rules and regulations apply it on generative system.
    The system demonstrate movement of the player(s), ball, basket(s) scored, foul(s) committed.
    The game.., one on one best of seven basketball match.

    The rules;

    No turn over i.e. the opponent has to make a basket (score’s) each time queen or king  she has the ball.

    If the opponent fail to make a basket on a free throw, but follows up the rebound and gets the rebound, queen or king has got a three point free throw which is three point’s if a basket is scored.

    Every block it’s a free throw on the opponent i.e . the player who has has a free throw which is two point’s if queen or king makes the basket.

    Baby short i.e. when the player with advantage has a layout, free throw, three point throw and the ball doesn’t touch the rim nor make a basket.

    Fouls, this means the opponent has an advantage, depending on he/she was fouled, may have a free throw if.

       01. Fouled out side the “D” box.
       02. When going for a lay-up.
       03. Fouled outside the “d” box and not going for a lay-up, the opponent has a commences the game again.

    Out come;

    I love this game A2 poster.