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The piece was designed based on the aesthetics of Gandia Blasco: simplicity and originality in the service of functionality.
On this basis we decided to give a twist to the simple concept of an elementary fragmented volume into smaller ones but keeping the same mode. Thereby we intend to maintain the simplicity of the piece but enriched with a set of lights and reflections of the brazier to make it an almost sculptural object, being able to be integrated into an environment even when not in use.

For this purpose the proposed piece is based on a 50 cm cube with its sides perforated following a simple matrix that uses a geometrized natural pattern. Furthermore, to emphasize the sculptural side of the piece we have chosen to raise 3 cm from the ground plane using the fuel tank so that the piece appears to be floating.
The reason for choosing a square module is simple: we wanted to keep for all the elements of the piece a unique pattern repeated at different scales, to emphasize this basic concept to which we referred from the beginning; a primary element that becomes fragmented to the small scale and that gives unity to the whole.