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See the progress from start to finish on an illustration of Hansel and Gretel. Completed for a show in Spring 2013.
This is the first piece completed for a collection for a show in the Spring of 2013. I wanted to use strong lines and a sense of design so that your eye is tempted to explore every element in the illustration.
I introducted watercolor after I was satisfied with the overall image. I began using dark gray and blue values and gradually added layer after layer. I made sure to work from side to side to ensure the piece would be balanced and receive the same amount of detail. I used similar colors throughout the piece (muted browns, lighter grays and some blue washes) with a very dark gray being the one true standout color. The fireplace in the background would be introduced solely in watercolor. The yellow in the fireplace ties in nicely with the steam and smoke eminating from the witches cauldron in the foreground.
An unconventional studio: Much like a college student, any place that is availbale at the tme becomes a studio. In this instance, a nook off my kitchen. I made sure to have ample paper towels and water availble in case of spillage. Luckily, that didn't happen (for once) and it was pretty smooth sailing. I had a lot of natural light coming in from a nearby window which really helped the process. I used Recycled Bristol paper which, if used very carefuly with watercolor, becomes a very nice canvas. It has a tendency to buckle when too wet so I made sure to take extended breaks in between each layer so buckling would be minimal.
After numerous layers of watercolor, pencil was introduced to give the image that illustrator quality that I look for in other people's work. After the color and pencil work was finished, it was time to photograph the piece for editing in PhotoShop CS6. I used a saturation filter at 25% to bring back the brightness that was lost while photographing. After touch up work and some color correction, the piece is now ready for viewing. Enjoy!