• Lamp A3 is a fully foldable ceiling lamp shade that was originally designed and tested using traditional cut and fold manual techniques. The 3d paper prototypes were then digitalized into 2d drawings and then cut with vinyl cutter and laser cutter. 
    The final product is being manufactured in Spain in a small scale with the use of the traditional technique of die-cutting.  
    Prior to assembly this lamp is simply a thin, flat sheet of material. The idea is that these light and thin sheets can be posted in a very cheap and eco-friendly manner in typical A3-size envelope. The customer can quickly and easily fold and assemble the lamp, becoming part of the making process.
    Employed materials are: non-toxic parchment paper, 100% recyclable polypropylene, plexiglas and metal clips.
    Barcelona, June 2013
  • Lamp A3 White
  • Lamp A3 Red
  • Lamp A3 White
  • Lamp A3 Pink
  • Lamp A3 Pink. Photo by Yeshen Venema for Shop Tent