• Major honours project 2012. A typographic exploration into the patterns and chaos of the English language, and translating between English and phonetic spelling, with the aim of assisting adult literacy learners.
    Recent studies show that 20 percent of New Zealand adults do not have the literacy skills to meet the demands of everyday life. A contributing factor to this is the complexities and irregularities in letter and sound relationships within the English language. This project is a typographic exploration into the patterns and chaos of the English language. It attempts to translate between English and phonetic spelling, recognising correct pronunciation represented by inconsistent spelling. 

    There are 44 sounds in the English language and over 180 letter combinations for these sounds. One part of this project was to create a dictionary that shows the 44 sounds and the designed letter combination or glyph each sound represents within the typographic system, Sencuree Fortee For. 
    The second part of the project was to introduce the typographic system as a proposal to integrate the system into adult education or begin to think about using phonetic spelling within our own language. The system was also presented in an environmental context within everyday activities, to motivate and evoke a response from people with lower literacy levels. This is intended to trigger a reaction to want to begin education to further their literacy levels. 

    Red Dot award - Best of the Best - for Communication design 2013

    Finalist in the DINZ Best Awards 2013