first "petite" exhibition

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  • What can you find when you're looking into the oblivion?
    Yourself? Answers? Or a lost sock?
    How much madness does a wannabe flawless mind can carry?
    When you feel stifled, then the pencil is an extension of your subconscious.
    An obsessive-psychoanalytic petite exhibition of Sophia's Papadopoulou (architect and illustrator) work,
    that helps you "Cut the past ties and feel free"

    "But I do not want to get involved with crazy people"
    Alice remarked.
    "Oh, you can not avoid it!"   
    said the cat   
    "We are all crazy here"
    "Laspi" Workshop 
    Meg.Alexandrou 125 & Evrimedontos
    10435 Athens, Greece