.exe ISSUE 02 21st century: The Power of Design ① Graph

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  • This is a revolutionary magazine!

    20 hot names in design!
    More than 2000 words interview with each designer (or team) in 360° covers their work and life!
    Over 240 works, up to 1300 images!

    "Image is Image" + "Text is Text" 

    Be different from traditional magazines, .exe Magazine consists of two parts (two separate books): "Image is Image" and "Text is Text".

    "Text is Text", you can read the deep interview with designers and find their photos. It is worth mentioning that the "Text is Text" is easy to carry and read, with two versions in Chinese and English. In “Text is Text”, you can know more about the interviewees in 360° covers every aspects including their work and life, share their experience and find their advice for the young.

    "Image is Image", it shows the creative works from each interviewee, collected over 240 works, up to 1300 images, in "Image is Image", you can find only images!