erik spiekermann: the face of type

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  • erik spiekermann: schriftgestalten – the face of type
    An exhibition about Erik Spiekermann’s achievements exhibited at the Bauhaus-Archive Berlin
  • In 2011 Erik Spiekermann received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the German Design Council. At this occasion the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin planed an exhibition on these achievements to provided insight into Spiekermann’s working process and his contributions to the design scene. 
    The very complex corporate design projects developed with MetaDesign (which he founded in 1979) and later with Edenspiekermann were displayed as well as sketches from early type designs.
    Following Spiekermann’s own view, one of his greatest achievements in life is a network of design personalities that he trained, mentored and worked with for many decades. These collaborations are emphasized throughout the exhibition. 
    It was an honor and great pleasure to be on the team that designed and built the exhibition with Erik.
  • Spreads from all of Erik Spiekermann’s publications mounted on card board waiting to be installed on the wall.
  • Math helps defining the right spaces between …
  • … spreads from each book.
  • Thomas Maier and I designed several panels that display the design process behind some of Spiekermann’s most successful typefaces. 
  • The team: Lars Krüger, in charge of the BVG-corner; Paul Weihe, mounting Erik’s house numbers to the wall; Alexander Roth, designer of the typeface showings in the exhibition; Erik and me discussing what type specimen to display of the Deutsche Bahn project. Not in the images: Dr. Thomas Maier, type-historical expert and Jonas Kaminski, maker of the »making of«.
  • Erik Spiekermann gave an exclusive tour through the exhibition.
  • Around 700 visitors came to the opening of the show in 2011.