entangled collection : 09

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  • The prickliness of a sea urchin, the fragile delicateness of a fall leaf, the rugged surface of sea rocks, heat coming from a volcano crater...These are the forms and textures which inspire and form the essence of the Entangled jewellery collection.This collection of handmade body adornments is marked by the innovativeness of irregularly patterned knitting, sparkling, colourfulness, and genuineness and uniqueness of the material used. The manual process of creating each and every piece of jewellery is inductive and the only consistent feature is the filigree-like wire interlacing into a unique knitwork.
    Each and every piece of handmade jewellery is distinct, with the unifying motif being knitted. Not only the design, but also the structure is inspired by natural forms and textures, which gives the jewellery an impression of a tidy chaos. Even though the products keep their model line similarities, the irregularly patterned knitting filling their forms is unique. Due to the translucency of the materials, the jewellery might appear fragile and light, but to the touch they are compact and durable. The supple silver and copper wire maintains the form and imbues the pieces with a sophisticated extravagance. The industrial materials, which were originally devoid of aesthetic appeal, take on a new life that gives the jewellery an added value, since it introduces that innovative freshness followed by a contemporary design approach. In contrast to the materials used for the production of classic jewellery, the additional use of the seeming limitations imposed by the colour, texture and form of an industrial raw material is exactly the supplement that speaks to our postmodern times.