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    The edenspiekermann manifesto in english, deutsch & nederlands
  • Edenspiekermann is an internationally renowned design agency with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, San Francisco and Stuttgart. The Edenspiekermann Manifesto is the pilot in a new series published by them, with the exception that it is not a proper text. It consists of seven sentences in three languages – English, German and Dutch – along with illustrations by London-based Paul Davis. The book is set in Edenspiekermann’s exclusive typeface Espi Sans and Espi Slab in their corporate color Espi red. In the foreword Erik Spiekermann writes: “Clients have remarked that we have an attitude. We take that as a compliment. Read our manifesto and you’ll see why.”
    designed with Edenspiekermann in 2011, all illustrations © Paul Davis, 2011