ecological housing project in Marymont district

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  • A student project, awarded 2nd prize in a student competition for the most innovative project at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Warsaw University of Technology
  • In this project the principle was to maximize the number of houses on quite a small area. However, this was not to make the comfort and standart of living lower. 
    The houses share an underground road, leading to separate garages. The road is partly covered with small front gardens which provide a green and cosy public space for the dwellers to interact and relax.
    The "holes" between the gardens covering the road serve as the sources of light for the underground spaces.

  • The number of windows from the north is minimized, while from the south where the big gardens are, the are as many as possible.
  • Below:  the section of the underground road leading to the garages.
  • Below: plans of the houses. Each house represents one floor plan (the first one - groud floor plan, second one - first floor plan, third one - second floor plan), as each house has exactly the same plans for each floor.
  • The plan of the common underground area: the road, individual garages, cellars and entrances to the houses.
  • Below: the final composition