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‘eatwell’ is an information design project in which i have examined two opposing approaches of diet (a raw vegan
vs a meat only ) in the simplest graphic design principle:ink on paper. I have experimented the two diets on myself.

using wood letterforms as a metaphor, each letterpress printed letterform represents it’s own real weight, whilst
the combination of all the letterforms represents the total daily intake of food. the type of food is represented through its own initial, for example, ‘c’ that weighs 12 grams represents 12 grams of carrots. the other characters, punctuation marks, are used to represent fractions. 

the twenty posters represent the twenty days of my own dieting, ten for the raw vegan (green), and ten for meat only (red). the size of the poster represents my body weight and changes according to it. the twenty–first poster is a specification for the whole project indicating how much each single wood letterform weighs and my initial body weight before the diet. the specifications, digitally printed on the bottom of each poster identify the day and my weight, describe the food i ate and the amount in grams.
typeset akzidenz grotesk medium / regular
letterpress printed
monadnock astrolite smooth 118gsm
paper supplied by falkiners.

to showcase this project i have planned an exhibition in which the posters were hanged in a room according to my body weight: from the ‘heaviest’ close to the ground, to the ‘lightest’ close to the ceiling.