eVolo - Sky Well Tower

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  • Project for eVolo skyscraper competition, 2013.
    With Piotr Blicharski, Michał Głowienka, Marek Wojda.
    In recent times many regions in the world suffer from drought caused by dynamic climate change or natural resources overuse.. Vast number of indegious communites around our planet are now facing the risk of vanishing. Water shortageis one of the main reason forcing them to abbandon their traditional lifestyle and migrate in search of work out of their homelands. Although this phenomenon occurs on every continent, in most of places efficient sustainable solution of collecting water from fog can be provided.
    Nepal shows up as an outstanding country in amount of diversity of indigenous cultures threatened by water shortage. At the same time frontier of Hiamalaya mountains gives perfect conditions for fog harvesting in order to provide clean water resources. For most of people living in the lower mountains of Nepal theirsocio-economicconditionsaredepandable on terraceagriculture but only half of the  ruralareasareirrigated .
    Proposed Sky-Well Tower is located on a hilltops of Himalaya’s mountains frontier collect clean water from fog. The architectural intervention brings silience for local communities and becomes sustainble adaptation to climate changes.
    Each tensegrity construction made of wooden bars and metal tendon is layered by modular pieces of membrane. Idea of construction gives porosity to the cylindrical tower in order to allow humid airs penetration. Morover, structureis a mix of locally crafted bars and high-tech membrans. Foundations create a water tank which hilltop’s location doesn’t require additional pumps to transport water to surroundin gvillage. Most of native people would carry home clean water by foot from distant places. Described combination gives ability to produce and transport 500 liters of clean water each day out of each 80 square meters of cylindrical shapetower in the monsoon season and half of this amount during the dry season.
    Sky-WellTowers apears as a completely new architectural form among local culteres. People adopt it  and benefit from localcrafts and high-techs synergy as a sustainable and efficient architectural development. Thank to the towersthreatenedposition of native communitiescanbecomenowreversedintostrongrelation with homeland and agriculture to helpthemflourish and spreadintonewareas.
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