eStO eS, CUBA "the book"

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  • eStO eS, CUBA "the book"
    Not just another book about CUBA!!

    Born on a small sunny island in the heart of Europe, Tobias Colz grew up overprotected and underestimated, as the youngest of two children.

    From his early childhood on, he spent countless hours racking his brain about the meaning of life, the universe and simply everything else.
    Soon he came to the conclusion that “A” you don’t die if you go to bed with wet hair (at least when you are young), “B” god was living in the middle and “C” it’s not tragic when someone dies you don’t know, but it’s tragic if you laugh about it.

    Later in life he realized he wasn’t alone. A guy named Douglas Adams was not only thinking about the same meaningful things, but had already solved the same mysteries ten years before our protagonist was even born; except the one still remaining question, who that strange mother at the LLL meetings was, having those two gigantic earthworms, which he and many other kids liked so much to play with. He would lick and bite them until they turned red and released them just before they were dying…


    !!Attention!! This is NOT just another book showing the beauty of Cuba.
    It's a book about all its lies, dust and dirt.
    No Cigars, No Bicitaxi, No Chicas!!! but a bit of sarcasm and rum.

    If you are still interested, check out the BLURB bookstore to get that beauty.