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»drumatic« is a visual exploration of alternative forms of notation for drum sets.
A visual exploration of alternative notation for drum sets
The thought of engaging with this topic originated in my own interest in learning drums which tended to be difficult as I was not well-trained in reading musical scores. Already when I started learning, it seemed hard to link the musical symbols of traditional notation to the sounds of this percussion instrument.

As drum sounds are non-pitched sounds I wondered whether there was an alternative or more intuitive way of writing the notes. My research led to different approaches: Firstly, action notation where the performer is instructed by iconic and/or symbolic signs. Secondly, the creation of new notes (symbolic signs) which can immediately be identified and which can ‘coexist’ on the five-lined stave. And thirdly, the description of sounds created with the help of onomatopoetic words and typography.

»drumatic« won a Bronze award at the European Design Awards 2010.