double coding

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  • DOUBLE CODING little city.....
  •  inspiration:
    Hans (Jean)Arp  *Tree of Bowls/ Superposed cups


    Kazimir Malevich *Architekton Gota
  • description:
    Since  its birth in the late 19th century modern sculpture has absorbed key influences from architecture, while contemporary architecture has developed in such sculptural terms that some of the trends look like built versions of modern sculpture.
    ArchiSculpture examins many aspects of the close reciprocal relationships between architecture and sculpture.

  • "The exhibition titled" Double coding"by Eli Ainoska  is a complex link of a number of artistic media, through interesting, contemporary and urban aestethic experience, above all, ofthe graphics, photography, sculpture, architecture, design...
    The decision to "play" with tearing down the barriers between them, in Eli Ainoska's works in this specific case, we can establish that begins and is owed to her art education in painting and graphic media.
    The objects set on  the floor are dominantly geometrical forms of irregular parallelipeds, which symbolize buildings/ sculptures that through the play with their dynamic stand, " displaced" positions in different directions and internal illumination, tend to conquer the space with their dynamism.
    The dynamics and the motion are mutual for the digital graphics set on the wall and the floor, persumably static in their essence( sculptures, buildings): they are achieved not only with their positioning in space, but also  through the play with contrast: black-white, bright-dark, full-empty, presence-absence, static forms-playful motif, technology -art....In that , the stated elements do not confront each other, but are used as strategy for achieving the play effect".......... critic by Maja Changulovska Mihajlovska