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3d letters made out of styrofoam.
‘Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value’ (Ken Robinson)
Though this interesting definition of creativity can be analyzed in a number of ways, its message is clear. What most people also seem to agree upon is that ‘divergent thinking’, or ‘thinking outside the box’ is a crucial capacity in the development of creativity.

Children are often distinguished by something that we might be tempted to call ‘innocent naivety’. Studies have shown that very young children have a strong capacity for divergent thinking, but – interestingly – this capacity seems to diminish with growing older, due to education and the teaching of straightforward thinking.
With this in mind, I, as a future graphic designer, wish to hark back to the experience, imagination and spontaneity of children.

I wanted to develop my own capacity for creative thinking by zooming in on obvious things and altering them, so that they spark off new associations in the viewer’s mind. As such, I have chosen to develop several projects within the scope and approach of this Master's project. The ‘thank you’ in the title points out the naïve character of all of my works, and is an expression of gratitude to the childlike nature.
This one of the eleven results.

The day after…
keep moving forward
The city still has statues.