da-dam by Gedy

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  • da-dam by Gedy 
    kids hygiene and care accessories
  • As senior designer working for madeindreams I was the team leader for the product design and development of this family of accessories for little kids hygiene and care.
    Product team members were : Michele Radice Fossati, Marco Gillio.
    Gedy spa  is an hystorical company specialized in bathroom accessories and these were the first kid dedicated products in its catalogue.
    Lot of attention was paid designing these product above all checking ergonomy, usability and brand values coherence.
  • da-dam family
  • potty that can become a step
  • potty/step handles
  • da-dam mascotte texture
  • little deckchair for bath time
  • toilette adapter
  • bath tub
  • bath tub safety label and thermometer
  • toy holder
  • safety kit
  • first sketches